Devon Wrestling Association

The Devon Wrestling Association was originally set up to allow wrestlers in the South West to have a gym to train in and improve their
skills.  Before we opened, there were nowhere to train in either Devon or Cornwall.  The gym was the brain child of Joel Redman and
opened in 2009 in the Exeter area.  Joel has a wealth of experience in the world of wrestling.  Known as 'Oliver Grey' from WWE NXT,  
Joel started his career wrestling for pro wrestling NOAH and has competed in Ireland, Germany and all over the UK on a weekly basis.

The gym's head trainer is Dominic Hepburn AKA 'The UK Dominator'.  He is a 21 year veteran of the wrestling world based in Exeter.  
Dom has worked for many of the top promoters across the country performing in as many as 10 shows in 6 days.

Dom is assisted in the training by PJ Jones,Josh knott, and Marcus Baine.  Between the four of  them there is a wealth of knowledge
learned through years of in their trade, from high flying, crowd work, fitness and of course the classic wrestling techniques that will help
turn the keen and dedicated student into a confident wrestler.  We also do sessions in refereeing and MC work in order to give a well
rounded experience in all aspects of the professional wrestling world.